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TEEZER™ Double Spool Electric Reels

Each TEEZER™ Reel is custom machined out of 6061 T-6 Aircraft/Marine Aluminum. The housing is anodized and then white powder coated and the standard spools are clear (silver). Line capacity of each spool is 300 feet of 300 lb. Monofilament Line.

The TEEZER™ Reel is designed for flat installation under T-Tops, Hardtops, Towers, and Radar Arches on sportfishing boats and it’s small, compact size makes it ideal for custom installation in enclosed areas.

Shown with Optional Gold Anodizing

The power cord exits the top of the TEEZER™ Reel for protection from the environment and to keep them concealed from sight making a more attractive mounting.

The TR-6012 is controlled with a momentary toggle switches, one for the electric brake and one for the motor. This model is ideal for large center console boats where the TEEZER™ Reel is within easy reach of the boat operator.

Spools are available in Silver Anodized standard or for a nominal fee, Custom anodized in Gold, Blue, Green, Red, Pink, Purple, Black or White powder coat.

12, 24 or 32 Volt DC, Double Spool.

TR-6012  - 12 Volt - Double Spool - Momentary toggle switches

TR-6028  - 24 or 32 Volt - Double Spool - Momentary toggle switches

Price: $1,989.99


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TEEZER™ Double Spool Electric Reels | Elec-Tra-Mate