Stainless Steel Gear Sleeves

Over the years, fishermen have requested faster and more powerful Elec-Tra-Mate® models.  Today’s Elec-Tra-Mates now have considerably more power than the drag on the reels can handle.  Not realizing the extreme power of the Elec-Tra-Mate® when large fish are hooked, there is a tendency by the fisherman to continue tightening his drag in an attempt to bring the fish to the boat faster.  When this happens, the Elec-Tra-Mate® exerts more torque on the threads inside the Brass Gear Sleeve inside the Penn® Reel than they are designed to handle and they start to strip.  Over a period of time, because of this extreme power, the threads eventually fail, rendering the reel useless.
Brass Gear Sleeve failure often leaves the recreational and commercial fisherman without the use of this Elec-Tra-Mate® until his Penn® Reel is repaired.  Seldom is the fisherman given warning of his reels impending failure. At the request of tackle stores who repair these big game reels, and fishermen who use our products, we now offer a stronger replacement Gear Sleeve machined from Solid Stainless Steel to eliminate this problem. The Stainless Steel Gear Sleeve is manufactured entirely in the company's North Carolina factory, and comes with a 90 day parts  warranty against defects in material and workmanship.
98-320SS Fits Penn 320 GT2, 330 GTi, 330 GT2, 113H 4/0

98-114SS fits Penn 114,114H, 114HL, 114HLW 6/0 and 115L 9/0

98-116SS fits Penn 116 12/0

98-117SS fits Penn 117 14/0

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