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Electric Fishing Reel systems, Inc..

We've taken the work out of fishing for fifty years.. and counting!

For more than fifty (50) years Electric Fishing Reel Systems, Inc., has taken the work out of fishing  – So anglers can have more fun! With Elec-Tra-Mate®, all kinds of fishermen – Young, old, expert, novice, even physically challenged – can get the full enjoyment of fighting a fish. Whether it’s Alaskan Halibut, Swordfish, or a string of Snapper in the Florida Keys, Elec-Tra_Mate® takes the work out of bringing them up. The leading electric drive for Penn® and Shimano® Reels. Elec-Tra-Mate® lets the fisherman enjoy all the action without the tiresome cranking


        First produced in 1970, Electric Fishing Reel Systems, Inc. currently offers twenty-eight different recreational Elec-Tra-Mate® models designed exclusively for forty-eight different Penn®, Fin-Nor®, and Shimano® Reels, ranging from small lightweight models for the Penn SSV4500 Spinning Reel for physically challenged Angler to large 130 International big game reels. Charter skippers across the world use Elec-Tra-Mate® to make fishing more enjoyable for their customers and they depend on Elec-Tra-Mate’s proven reliability.

        Tired of cranking in deep water bottom fishing, P.T Huffman decided there had to be an easier way to bring in fish. After developing an electric reeling mechanism for personal use in the 1960’s, Huffman discovered that many charter and party boat captains were interested in a similar device.

        What started as a solution to his problem, soon became a business opportunity. In 1970, P.T Huffman started Electric Fishing Reel Systems, Inc. And produced his first electric fishing reel drive. In 1974, realizing the demand was growing faster than Electric Fishing Reel Systems, Inc. could produce product, Huffman invested in GE “Lexan®” injection molding technology which increased manufacturing capabilities at his North Carolina factory.


        The Durable plastic composite housing is %80 lighter and four times more impact resistant than aluminum. Elec-Tra-Mates won’t chip, rust, or corrode, even under the harshest saltwater conditions. However, in keeping with our goal to continue increasing the quality of our products, when GE developed a new higher tech plastic material which is impervious to the effects of sun, gas, oil, grease and chemicals, the use of GE Lexan® was discontinued and this new space age material is now used.


         Elec-Tra-Mates are designed to operate on 12 Volt auto marine batteries and a small Portable Battery Pack is even available for the smaller models! A powerful sealed permanent magnet motor provides higher pulling power and smooth efficient operation at low amperage drain. All you need to do is set your drag depending on the line weight and fishing conditions and let Elec-Tra-Mate® do all the work. A push button switch (or optional toggle switch) on the Elec-Tra-Mate® operates the drive system, or special waterproof remote switch can be used for disabled anglers.



For Professionals

        For professional fisherman and charter captains, the latest addition to the Elec-Tra-Mate® line is the 1380-GH, a powerful series of Commercial drives for Penn® International, Fin-Nor Santiago, and Shimano® Tiagra Reels which feature all metal construction, all gear drive, and the world’s most powerful 12 or 24 Volt DC motor to ever be put on the fishing reel. The company also manufactures the ultimate “Dredge” which utilizes a precision machined stainless steel head and the highest grade titanium for the arms. 


        In 2012, Huffman saw a need for a powerful compact commercial reel to meet the needs of commercial bottom fisherman and Tuna fisherman, and the “Brute Series” was born. Brute Commercial models are designed to be the most versatile piece of equipment on your boat. The boom (rod) and spool have been designed so that optional booms and spools can be switched in 60 seconds or less! Go from deep dropping with super braid to a second spool loaded with wire for giant Tuna or mini-long line use. There is also a Pinch Puller Option which enables the fisherman to go from bottom fishing to pulling pots or traps in literally minutes. These models are available in both 12 and 24 Volt DC and for 2020, a “New” Hydraulic Brute model has been introduced.

Not content manufacturing only recreational and commercial tackle, in 2003, the world’s first and only patented Electric TEEZERReel was invented. In 2006, a line of quality, precision machined Pancake TEEZERReels were developed, including the worlds first and only Anti-Reverse Pancake TEEZERReel with a patented alarm and line guide. Adding to this for 2020 is the worlds first and only Anti-Reverse Pancake TEEZERReel with a Spool Guard.

 Seeing the need for more advanced equipment  to help Marlin fisherman, after six years of development the world’s most powerful and advanced low profile 4-Spool Electric TEEZER-DREDGE Reel, the TD-4000, was introduced for big boats in 2013. In November 2019, the TD-2000, a 2-Spool version, was introduced to meet the needs of owners of large center console outboard powered boats, giving them the same capability as a large diesel inboard sportfishing boats.



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Other Applications

        Although fishing is Elec-Tra-Mate’s forte, current president Carl T. Huffman, has seen several other unique applications for Elec-Tra-Mate®. “We’ve seen them used to take well samples by chemical and petroleum companies, the National Marine Weather Service has used Elec-Tra-Mates for retrieving weather balloons, and a number of states are using Elec-Tra-Mates to tag and measure fish for research.” Most recently special drives have been made for the FBI, US Navy, and the Jet Propulsion Lab in California, which is a division of NASA.




        In the past fifty (50) years, Electric Fishing Reel Systems, Inc. has become known as the Leader in Quality, and Innovation, and continues to invent new products for fisherman.        

        Easy to service and maintain, every Elec-Tra-Mate®. Product is built completely in the companies North Carolina factory, and comes with a one-year factory warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. Electric Fishing Reel Systems, Inc. believes customer service is a top priority and in most instances, offers a 24-hour service turnaround on repairs should they ever be needed.

        For more information on Elec-Tra-Mate®. Or any of their other quality products, contact: Electric Fishing Reel Systems, Inc.,

 P.O Box 20411, Dept. P, Greensboro, NC 27420,

 or call (336) 273-9101; fax (336) 370-3411; 

or e-mail: carl@elec-tra-mate-com


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