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Brute Research Models


The mark of perfection has just been raised with increased Power, Retrieve Speed, and Line Capacity to Reach Greater Depths! The Elec-Tra-Mate® Brute™ Research Models are designed to be the most versatile piece of equipment on your boat. The rod and spool have been designed so that optional rods and spools can be switched in 60 seconds or less for different applications.

Each Brute™ has been designed so that it can be used in standard heavy-duty rod holders already in your boat’s gunwale. Additionally, the base plate is designed so that the Brute™ can be adjusted every 15 degrees of angle so that regardless of the angle of your rod holder, the Brute’s Boom can be directed straight over the side of the boat or at any angle desired. Includes a high performance Composite Flat Bar Boom in Heavy or Medium Action which can easily be removed for easy storage. This “New” Flat Bar Boom is standard on the Brute 2000 R and Tuna Brute R Models.

Both the Brute 2000 R and Tuna Brute R Models are precision machined out of 6061 T6 Aluminum and then hard coat anodized. This increases the Rockwell hardness of the Aluminum to a Rockwell 65 which is harder than chrome. It provides superior protection over regular anodizing to prevent scratches and corrosion to help keep them looking new. The Brute 2000 R and Tuna Brute R models are available in either 12 or 24 Volt DC at no difference in cost.

Although physically compact, these Brute models have the exteme power to pull in or lift heavy instruments and the Electronic Control features are unlike anything else on the market. There are also three (3) Spool sizes to let you tailor this unit to the amount of line capacity needed. The Brute 2000 R gives you a choice between a 10” X 2” Spool or a 10” X 3” Spool. Spare spools are available and can be switched in 60 seconds or less! The Tuna Brute R model comes standard with a 10” X 4” Spool and has an optional 10” X 2” Spool.

The Electronic Control can be used in any trolling or bottom application to pull in or lift research equipment from great depths. The equipment can be placed at the same spot each time and it will automatically shut off at a specified location upon reaching the boat each time it is retrieved. There is also an Auto-Mode that allows you to place the Brute in an automatic setting that will place your equipment in the same spot for the time you determine. Once this time is up, it will automatically retrieve your instrument or equipment to the boat and it will stay there the designated time you set before automatically letting your equipment back out again. It will automatically repeat until you turn this feature off. You have the ability to set ten (10) total memory locations. HOME Position which is where it automatically shuts off at the boat and FISH Position which is the furthest or deepest spot you desire. Then, there are eight (8) positions in between HOME and FISH that can be set allowing you to take measurements at multiple locations. The features are listed below.

Electronic Control Features Include

  •  LCD Line Counter – Enter line diamter in mm for acurate display of line in feet, meters, and fathoms.
  • Automatic shutoff at HOME and FISH Positions.
  • Ability to set 8 Memory Positions in between HOME and FISH for automatic shutoff at each position.
  • Variable Speed Control so you can adjust speed according to sea conditions.
  • Alarm to notify you if anything pulls on line and there is movement.
  • Light sensor turns on backlight when it gets dark.
  • Programmable Auto Mode that allows you to set the time that your Instrument stays at the FISH position before being retrieved to the boat and then, the time that your Instrument stays at the HOME position before automatically being let back out to the FISH position again. This will automatically repeat until you turn it off.
Weight 848 oz
Dimensions 21 × 17 × 18 in
Choose Model

Brute 2000R – 10” X 2” Spool, Brute 2000R – 10” X 3” Spool $100, Tuna Brute R with 10” X 4” Spool, Tuna Brute R with 10” X 2” Spool


12 Volt DC, 24 Volt DC

Choose Base Type

Gunwale Swivel Base, 0 Degree Rod Mount, 30 Degree Rod Mount

Choose Cord

8 ft Power Cord with Battery Ring Terminals