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Crank Adapter for Model 412T and 440T


The Turn-A-Mate Crank Adapter is a specially machined stainless steel device, which replaces the handle screw on big game reels and is designed so that the reel can be driven either with a simple cordless drill or the 412-T and 440-T Turn-A-Mate Drive. Please note, however, that a cordless drill is not designed for use in a saltwater environment as is found in ocean fishing and the life of the drill will be very short and unreliable. As such, a cordless drill is not recommended for serious fishermen.


Model 11-932P Fits Penn 320 Gti, 330 Gti, 340 & 345, 113H, 113HL, 113HLW 4/0. Penn International 20T, 30T & 30TW, 50T & 50TW

Model 11-516P Fits Penn 114, 114H, 114HL, 114HLW 6/0,115L 9/0, 116L 12/0, 117L 14/0. International 80T & 80TW

Model 11-8M75P Fits Daiwa 600H 6/0 & 900H 9/0

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in
Choose Model

11-932P, 11516P, 11-8M75D


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