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The TD-2000 is the world’s most powerful and advanced low profile Electric TEEZER – DREDGE Reel.


The TD-2000 Is the world’s most powerful and advanced low profile Electric TEEZER – DREDGE Reel. They are the answer to large bulky reels in the cockpit which take up valuable fishing space plus it eliminates the problem of where to store them at the end of the day. It is the evolution of sport fishing. A way to intelligently fish heavy dredges and teasers, at the same time. And, once set into memory, they remember exactly where you want to fish your dredges and teasers.

Features of the “New” TD-2000 include:

  • Two 10” DREDGE Spools each driven by its own motor. Each spool hold 679 feet of 400 lb. Monofilament or 422 feet of 600 lb. Monofilament line. (On TD-2000 these Spools can be used to pull multiple heavy dredges, teaser lures, or daisy chains)
  •  DREDGE Retrieve Speed 419 feet per minute
  •  Spool Guards to prevent line from coming off spools and Line Guides to help direct line thru hardtop.
  •  Ability to program each of the spools independently to set Home and Fishing Positions where you want them.
  •  Variable Speed Control enables you to adjust for sea conditions.
  •  TD-2000 has eight (8) additional Memory features and Emergency Stop Button.
  •  TD-2000 has “Prospect Memory Feature” which allows you to set into Memory two (2) distances and toggle back and forth between these two (2) locations to help locate billfish. Example: One (1) Memory location set a 50 ft. and a second set at 150 ft. You can pull Dredges back and forth between these two locations or up to eight (8) different Memory locations
  •  Digital readout on each spool to tell you the position of each lure or dredge being pulled.
  • Compact Size – 20″ Wide X 16″ Long X 7 1/2″ High
  •  Remembers all memory settings when turned off at the end of the day for next day’s fishing.
  •  Loud Alarm to alert you when a fish grabs a lure or dredge you are pulling. Sounds anytime line is pulled from a spool.
  • The World’s Most Powerful and Advanced Low Profile
  • Available in 12 or 24 Volt DC


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